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Posted November 7, 2017

A good first impression can work wonders- that’s why you need to work on the homepage of your website. It is undoubtedly the face of your website and helps your business to establish the first impression on the minds of your visitors and target audience.

For any brand, any company, any enterprise belonging to literally any business vertical, the homepage of the website is the virtual gateway. If a new visitor likes the layout of your homepage and is impressed by your style of welcoming them to your business, they are surely going to continue browsing the website or else they will simply click on the “back” button.

Although, there is the saying that “A book should not be judged by its cover” but unfortunately, there is an infinite number of people, who still does the same. This establishes the importance of homepage designs.

So, what makes your website’s homepage design stand out amidst the presence of manifold websites in the market?

For some, it’s the idea behind the homepage that works wonders, for others, it’s the look and feel of the homepage that entices their visitors to scout out the website. However, there is more than an appearance that the visitors look for- it has to function/work well.

Suppose you have a hallucinatory website but it takes too long to load, or its features are not working properly. This will simply disappoint your visitors and they will instantly bounce back, which is not something that you would ever want them to do.

Here is a compilation of brilliant home pages from around the virtual world, which scores high in its beauty and in its functions. Check out the list below:


What’s Good About This Homepage?

  • Medium is one of the best examples of the perfect use of whitespace that you will ever come across.
  • It highlights the Medium’s logo and headline.
  • A colorful graphic breaks the monotony of whitespace while the design still draws your eyes to the “Get Started” and “Learn More” buttons.
  • The clear “Sign in/ Sign up” button in the header section of the website, clearly stands out. It makes it easier for the visitors to sign up.


What’s Good About This Homepage?

  • A clear distinction between white and black section of the homepage design.
  • The black section includes a copy asking visitors to “Take a tour” and it also includes a Menu bar for the visitors to move on to other pages.
  • The white section holds the logo, the headline and the “Log In” and “Sign Up” button.
  • Social Icons are also available in the homepage to make it easier for the visitors to connect with the business socially.
  • The proper balance maintained throughout the website has transformed it into a brilliantly designed homepage.

Dropbox (Business)

What’s Good About This Homepage?

  • The homepage design of Dropbox is simple and effective. It carries over its simplicity.
  • The menu is included in the Dropbox homepage design.
  • The homepage includes a large and relevant image with the soft color background.
  • The copy is relevant to the business as well as to the image.
  • There is also a call-to-action button mentioning “Try free for 30 days”.


What’s Good About This Homepage?

  • The homepage of the website serves the purpose of acting like a story as it is short and crisp and is easy to scroll.
  • There’s great use of contrast and positioning with the primary calls-to-action, which of course helps in conversion of the visitors.
  • The call-to-action “Get Started For Free” is compelling and attractive.
  • The use of statistics in the homepage is also extremely helpful for the website to compel its target audience to take the necessary action that they want them


What’s Good About This Homepage?

  • It includes the destination and date search form that most of their target audience comes in search of. It guides the visitors and takes them to the next logical step.
  • The search form used in this homepage is “smart” as it auto-fills the last search of the user, if they are logged in.
  • There is an excellent and beautiful use of whitespace.
  • It offers suggestions to the visitors for excursions and getaways and also offers them the liberty to book their trip and lodging on the website.


What’s Good About This Homepage?

  • Simplicity is well-defined on this homepage.
  • A text mentioning the latest collection and asking the visitors to discover further.
  • The placement of the lady in a subtle color dress against the soft and light background, makes the homepage stand out.


What’s Good About This Homepage?

  • Evernote clearly packs the potential messages in a smart and crisp way. With its clever and simple tone and proper placement of the message on the homepage, it reaps excellent benefits.
  • Against the white background, stands the sign-up form on the left and the proper message or copy on the right side of the homepage.


What’s Good About This Homepage?

  • The homepage of Chipotle is a great example of agility and constant alteration.
  • The bold and catchy headline is attractive and attention-seeking.
  • The food photography is detailed and beautiful, thus eye-catchy.
  • The background entices your taste-buds and will make you feel hungry.
  • The sub-head also help to redirect the visitors to the inner page.


A stunning homepage design entices the visitors to take the predefined actions as is required by the business. It also improves the user-experience of the site and plays a major role in developing a brilliant first impression on the minds of the visitors and to provide the business with the right kind of scope and opportunities that they are looking for. It delivers the content that the visitors are seeking and establishes a strong reputation in the market.